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    Add Shared VMs back

    dejanrodiger Novice

      Add Shared VMs back.


      If this is not back, than why upgrade to V16 and pay for upgrade license?

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          Moderator: Thread moved to the Workstation Pro area since v16 is now released.

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            Mikero Master
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            If this is a feature you need, we suggest not upgrading to v16.


            Unfortunately, telemetry tells us it's not widely used, and it's a very expensive feature to maintain, so it won't be returning in its current form.

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              mfelker Expert

              Good question.   I am going to get my money back.  FWIW I installed a licensed copy of e.x.p build-16540321.    I now use QEMU/KVM on Fedora Rawhide with kernel 5.9rc5.   No way is VMware going to install on this.   I really don't know why they killed Workstation Server - probably some deal with M$. They pretty much killed it for Fusion even.

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                pwolf Enthusiast

                Excuse me, but do you think, that your telemetry data are reprensentative to all users. I know many people, who turn  telemetry off or block it at the perimeter.


                Besides of this question, the next question is, will the remote console function for ESXi hosts and vcenter servers be removed next?


                The server feature was one of the features, that brought me to Vmware Workstation.


                Of course many people - including me - run VMs to be accessed remotey, which were before run on Vmware Workstation server, now on server-hardware under ESXi, which is great for production machines - but not so great for test machines, which shall be tested by different persons.

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                  dejanrodiger Novice

                  I always turn off Telemetry.


                  I paid for V15 Pro and Shared VMs is not working there anymore (V15.5.5 or V15.5.6). Are you planning to fix it or we need to get our money back?

                  Error "Unable to Connect to MKS" after upgrade to VMware Workstation 15.5.5


                  Using Shared VMs will make lots of small development teams away from VMWare, because they will re-examine whole solution and since VMWare didn't fix the problem, they might think if VMWare is a good company to use, since you are removing features and not fixing problems.

                  Most of the features of V16 can be found in other Free virtualization tools, so nothing is keeping us with VMWare.