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    DCLI +password parameter

    shaunroth Lurker

      I am unable to get DCLI commands to work using the +password parameter


      As per documentation: https://vdc-download.vmware.com/vmwb-repository/dcr-public/78c8f1d2-c40b-48de-ae7d-173da817bc0e/ad459f12-7c09-4241-92b4-…


      DCLI Options

      You can run each DCLI command with connection or formatting options preceded by a + sign.For many of the options, you can instead use variables. See Using DCLI with Variables.dcli


      [+nsx-server NSX_T_SERVER_ADDRESS] 

      [+server SERVER_IP] 


      [+prompt PROMPT] 


      [+cacert-file CACERT_FILE] 

      [+username USERNAME] 

      [+password PASSWORD]




      When I use the +password parameter, the command is not supposed to ask me for the password. I need to be able to SSH into the vcenter server and issue commands and collect the output as part of a automated process. I'm unable to do so because the DCLI does not recognize the +password parameter.