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    W10 Guest Crashes After Nvidia GRID K2 GPU Pass-Through

    rycher Lurker

      Hello VMware-ers,


      I've struggled with this GPU issue for a while. See my setup below, and let me know if anyone has any ideas!


      Problem: Any sort of stress on the GPU and it crashes the guest, and restarts. In order to utilize the GPU after the crash (even running shell commands in esxi host), require you to reboot the host. Small memory dumps are uploaded below. With the GPU/VM in pass-through, I have to use VNC to login.


      Thank you for any help/suggestions!


      ESXi Host #1 ver. 6.5

      Dell Precision T5600
      Bios: Latest

      RAM: 24GB
      Multiple SSD/HDDs
      PCIe Slot 1 Nvidia GRID K2 (ECC off, nvidia-sme looks good)

      PCIe Slot 5 Nvidia Quadro K600 (set as primary video card in BIOS)

      Latest matching Nvidia drivers for host (injected as .VIB) and guest

      vSphere Enterprise Plus license


      ESXi Host #2 ver. 6.5

      Intel NUC

      Assorted VM's, including vCenter server. (Deployed via GUI installer)

      vSphere Enterprise Plus license


      vCenter Server ver. 7.0

      Server 7 Standard


      Virtual Machine with vGPU assigned (installed on ESXi host #1)

      Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC ver. 1809

      Nvidia GRID vGPU grid_k220q (have tried k200 and k280q)

      Nested Virtualization Enabled

      Latest VM Tools installed (ver. 10272)

      hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE


      2020-09-15 10_41_30-Window.png

      2020-09-15 10_40_56-Window.png


      2020-09-15 10_33_34-Window.png



      Virtual Total for minidump zip


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