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    How do I request a free license key

    gerdgoebel Lurker

      I registered myself as a private user. I downloaded Fusion 12. During installation on my Mac (10.15.6) I selected to request a free license key, but I get sent to a link with a company logon. When I enter the e-mail address I get a message that it already is used.

      When I go to My VMware and logon I see that the Fusion 12 is not registered.

      I thought after I first had to register to even be able to download Fusion 12 the app would be registered at the same time.

      What am I doing wrong?

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          swasde Lurker

          Remove all cookies and so on in safari. After this a new request for the free licence will go to right webpage.

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            a.p. Guru
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            It looks like the registration process is not up to date yet.

            I just registered for a free key at https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=fusion-player-personal. After logging in use the "Register" button below the  License and Download tab".



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              wila Guru
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              Yes, but only one of the two register links on that page works.


              After login there's two register buttons on the page. One at the right "Register here" and one "Register" under the note "you haven't registered yet". The latter one does not work, but it is the most logical one to click on.


              I already reported that to the vmwarefusion twitter account.


              Note that the "Manually download" button is also broken.. but you can use the download from the professional version, it is the exact same file.



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                htchien Lurker

                Thanks Andre, your link has saved my day!! I've just registered a free personal license for Fusion 12 via the link you provided.


                The "Get Free License" link on VMware's Fusion 12 webpage and in the software will bring users to https://www.vmware.com/go/getfusionplayer, and this link will redirect to the Register page for VMware vSphere Hypervisor 6, not VMware Fusion 12 Player.

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                  Mikero Master
                  VMware Employees

                  Thanks for that Wil, we're trying to figure out what's going on here... I was having issues with adblockers that I had to disable (and honestly we have so many freaking ad trackers it's nauseating... I'm on a new mission interrnally to make that more sensible...).. some users in non-US countries were getting routed to other evals.


                  This is the link that is supposed to work: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=fusion-player-personal
                  You do need a My VMware account, so if folks already have one the process should be quick, but if not they'll have to 'register' for one before they 'register' for the personal use license...


                  But yah, it's not the best experience for some folks... we have plans to simplify it much further going forward.

                  With VMware being primarily an enterprise-focused company, all our web assets are sort of geared to that type of user's experience, so we have to work with the machine and the tools we have.


                  That said... the team is much bigger now than it was a few weeks ago, so going forward we'll be putting a lot more effort into making sure we have a nice onboarding experience.


                  Anyone is welcome to hit me up directly with feedback or questions:

                  mroy at vmware dot com or @mikeroysoft on Twitter

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                    Mikero Master
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                    So this is confusing...

                    This is the link from the product page:


                    It redirects to: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=fusion-player-personal


                    I created the redirect myself, tested it extensively, I can't make it fail (unless I have my adblockers up)... but I have heard more than one user note that 'it takes me to the horizon or vSphere eval' for some reason...
                    We're investigating... it's so weird, I've never seen a redirect behave like that. (I make these things all the time)

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                      riccoho Lurker

                      I always got redirected to ESXi evaluation... in different browser, with adblocker disabled.

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                        TheChriss Lurker

                        Before closing this thread, I deleted my cookies and called the site linked above, where I'm directed to a registration form. It forces me to enter a company or organization, even though my profile says, I'm an individual. Any ideas what I should enter?

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                          a.p. Guru
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                          I usually enter e.g. "private" in such fields, if I want to download software for personal use.


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                            TheChriss Lurker

                            Thank you. I finally managed to get a license key, even though the site said after the registration that an error happened - after refreshing the said, I was able to see the license key.


                            But anyway, I must say that the structure of the VMware websites is a little messy in my opinion, as there's not just one way to find and download the DMG image, but also to find the registration form and it looks like I wasn't the only one who got a little bit lost. Maybe that's a point where the guys of VMware should focus on. Thank you for the support.

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                              MetPhoto Lurker

                              We all seem to be having similar issues.  The VMWare web site is wildly confusing to navigate.


                              I have had a support case opened since 16/09/20 but no such luck getting the download to work.  Case 20156033309


                              My error message is:


                              Your download request has been received and is under review for download eligibility.


                              Confirm that you provided a valid first name, last name, address, and country when you registered. If you did not, update your My VMware profile and try to download again.


                              Contact us if you have any questions. Quote Message ID 621 and provide the email address you used when registering.


                              The organisation or private individual option is infuriating. Firstly when registering it only ever allows to register as a company, even when you are not.


                              Secondly on the profile page there is an option:

                              Are you an Individual or from an Organization?


                              Which you can't change!  Really VMWare?


                              I have been buying VMWare Fusion for Mac since v1 and at the moment I am feeling rather cheated.