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    Desktop Icon Arrangement AppVolumes 4.1

    Johnny_21 Lurker

      Hello together,


      we are testing AppVolumes 4.1 in our enviroment.


      I noticed a little bug:


      In AppVolumes 2.X the desktop Icon arrangement stayed same after a relogin. This was possible with UEM and this reg entry: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\BagMRU


      With the Upgrade on AppVolumes 4.1 the desktop location of AppStacks changes. All other applications on the desktop have the same desktop location as before re-login.


      So only the Icons of the AppStacks (and only in version 4.1) are at the false location of the desktop.


      Has anybody an idea how to fix this issue?


      I´m looking forwars to your answers.


      Friendly Greetings,