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    Shared VM gone in workstation 16!

    silverbios Lurker

      After installing version 16, I realized that the Shared-VM feature was removed and there is no "hostd" service on Linux but in windows "hostd" exist but there is not any section for configuration in GUI or CLI!

      this a bug or completely removed!?

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          scott28tt Guru
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          Please see the Product Support Notice section: VMware Workstation 16 Pro Release Notes

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            fiftyfour46 Lurker

            What's strange for me is that my Shared VMs from 15 with auto-start enabled still start ... seems like a bug.


            It would have been nice to include this in What's New or an Upgrade doc.

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              mfelker Expert

              We are like mushrooms.  Leave us in the dark and feed us [removed by moderator]   This is why they reduced the price.   I'm using VMware Tech Preview 20H2 on Windows in an unlimited license.    Whether or not I get my money back from VMware is another matter.   This corporate, not technical, decision sucks.

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                scott28tt Guru
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                  pwolf Enthusiast

                  I think, this was removed, because they did not want to resolve the problems introduced by WS 15.5.5 with remote connections. That is always the easiest way to resolve problems. But not very customer friendly.


                  Especially since the outbreak of the Covid Disease all over the world, which makes it sometimes necessary to work from remote, the removal of remote console access for VMs running under Vmware Workstation is a sign of complete ignorance of Vmware Workstation customers.

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                    douglasids Novice

                    This is a real pain for me.  Our lab does forensic testing and builds duplicate environments for testing and observation.  So now we can no longer have multiple people working in the same environment from different machines looking at different aspects of a malware attack, suspected bad app, breached servers, etc.  This really puts a kink in how we work.  Is the rational that VMware expect everyone to buy server licenses?  We already have one, but workstation is just faster and portable when loaded on a laptop workstation vs remoting in (which we can't do as our lab is air gapped).


                    I am wondering, what is the mission statement for Workstation now?  With COVID and most of us now working from home, this makes an upgrade to 16 much harder to justify as we can't all go get hardware to run servers on which defeats the need for workstation.


                    A very sad day indeed :-(

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                      douglasids Novice

                      WS 15.5.5 remote connections has been resolved.  There is a work around if you hunt for the thread.

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                        axelbest Lurker

                        I'm rolling back to VMWare 15


                        I hope every customer do the same thing, until you decide put this feature back.

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                          jmdev Novice

                          Whichever product manager made this decision needs to be fired. This is a completely bungled release of a product with fewer features. You don't just drop this information on end users. You have to set expectations. The mentality that product development has taken of asking for forgiveness from it's user base instead of asking permission, or in this case setting expectations is toxic and is untenable.


                          Feature removals should be deprecated for at least one major version and warnings to the end user while they're using the product.


                          Rolling back to 15. I will never purchase another version of VMWare again. I'll be recommending my organization move in another direction than ESXi clusters, maybe AWS is a better choice. They add features and do not remove them without notification.

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                            dejanrodiger Novice

                            Workaround doesn't work.

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                              mb_de Lurker

                              Really disappointed by vmware to drop central feature. Not funny. As I am involved in decision making for products I will strongly vote against vmware from now on. MB

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                                Max3141 Novice

                                I've said it before and I'll say it again...  It's a slap in the face to customers.

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                                  wila Guru
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                                  While it won't be the "Shared VM" feature as was available before Workstation 16, I am currently working on something that might help fill in the gap for some of the workflows.

                                  It is a new product called "Vimarun".

                                  Vimarun allows you to select and schedule VM's running on VMware Workstation 16.0 or VMware Player 16.0 to start with your host.

                                  It should also take care on automatically suspending guests on shutdown and reboot (it seems to work, but needs more robust testing to see how well my current approach for that works)


                                  Anybody interested in this and wanting to see if this would help them is welcome to sign up for the private beta at https://vimarun.com

                                  Alternatively, if you don't want to test, you can still fill out the form and leave some feedback on what you need.

                                  For now, vimarun is only for Windows hosts.


                                  Please note that it will be a few more days before I will make the beta available.

                                  While it works now, I want to make things a tad more polished and test some more before others can play with it.


                                  Hope this helps,



                                  | Author of Vimalin. The virtual machine Backup app for VMware Desktop Products
                                  | Vimalin : Automated backups for VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation and Player
                                  | More info at https://www.vimalin.com
                                  | Twitter @wilva
                                  | VMware Wiki at http://www.vi-toolkit.com
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                                    munrobasher Enthusiast

                                    Quite and going back to v15...

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