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    VCenter unreachable

    mathewdsa Novice

      Hi Guys. Does anyone know what happens when a VCenter license expires? I have a vcenter that has stopped responding on the browser and ping but if I go to the host, the VCenter is running and I can access the DCUI locally within the host. However, the NIC status says disconnected even though the Connect at Power on is checked. This all started after a commvault backup of the VCenter but I also have a doubt about the Vcenter license. I am just not sure if an expire licenses causes the Web interface to stop working altogether.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Lalegre Expert

          Hey mathewdsa


          Basically if the vCenter Server license expire all your ESXi will become disconnected from the inventory, however you will still be able to work with your VMs connecting directly to them. If Commvault is pointing to vCenter Server to backup the VMs that sit on your ESXi and your license expired then for sure you will face issues during the backup.


          I am not 100% sure about the NIC being disconnected because you should not face that as the vCenter is treated as a VM. Have you tried on checking the Connect checkbox (Not the connect at power on)?

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            nachogonzalez Expert

            Hey, hope you are doing fine
            If vCenter is unreachable and nic is disconnected I should definately check that (please connect it)

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              mathewdsa Novice



              That is what I see even with the check box. So it shows connected in the config but after it's up and running it shows that.

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                depping Guru
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                License doesn't cause that problem. Go to the host on which the VCSA resides and (if your version has it) look at the VM using the ESXi Host Client, try a power off/power on.

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                  msripada Expert

                  Is the vCenter residing on Static binding dvs portgroup or ephermal?


                  I have seen this if someone tried to modify the portgroup of  the VCSA .. Can you ping the gateway from VCSA shell?




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                    mathewdsa Novice

                    So we never found the answer. I just ended up making a new VM, attaching all the VMDKs in order and putting the new VCEnter VM on a standard switch and it connected back to the infrastructure. Never found out what the root cause was but have a call with VMWare tomorrow.

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                      msripada Expert

                      Well, that is not a valid way to correct the vCenter appliance issue. You could create a standard switch with correct vlan and change the nic to standard switch of existing vcsa instead of creating a new vm.