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    skyline console is not giving me option to reset my root password

    Chizl10 Lurker

      So...I get this email from VMware saying my password is expiring soon and I should change it before it does.  I am easily able to change the admin password on the Web GUi, however when I go to the console and login as root it does tell me that my password expires in 6 days, but that's it....there are no further prompts to change the root password!


      Do I have to wait for my current password to expire?  The email alert clearly states to NOT let the password expire:


      Follow these steps to update the password:

      1.   Log into Skyline Collector virtual machine console 

      2.   Use current root user credentials

      3.   Follow the prompts to update the password

      To avoid interruption in the ability to log in, we highly recommend changing the password before it expires.


      What's an admin to do???