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    Can't copy paste from host (OSX) to guest (Ubuntu)

    riverfish Lurker

      I'm using VMware Fusion 11.5.6.


      Host is Mac OSX 10.15.6 Catalina and guest is Ubuntu (sorry don't know version number - how to check?) and I can't copy and paste from host to guest.


      I thought the problem was VMware Tools because it wasn't installed. After enabling CD/DVD ROM device using linux.iso as the image, I was given an option to install VMware Tools when I booted the VM. A folder named "vmware-tools-distrib" opened up in the VM - I followed the instructions by unzipping the tar.gz file, running ./vmware-install.pl in terminal and got it installed.


      After rebooting the VM again with VMware Tools now installed, copy and paste still does not work however.