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    Problem with getting a VDI for some users

    ZbyszekS Novice



      we have just started to test our VDI deployment on a bigger pool of people. After just few minutes I got information from some of the users that they are not able to get VDI session and below error prompts:


      The View agent reports that this desktop source is unable to accept connections. Please CONTACT your system administrator.


      We are using VMware Horizon Enterprise 8 (2006) and blast protocol.


      What I then found is that HTML Access works and via browser users are getting VDI properly.

      The only way to make it working for those users was to use HTML Access or tu disable/uncheck the following option on the Horizon Client:


      Allow H.264 Decoding


      My question is: had someone already a simillar problem? Can it be caused by slow Network connectivity? Is there any Solution to that issue?