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    SRM 8.3 - VAMI login error

    kisstib0r Lurker

      Hi All,


      I deployed a brand new VMware SRM 8.3 appliance and after some hours I can not login by VAMI and get this error message: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect token, user name, or password.


      SB have ever seen same problem and could you tell me what was the solution?


      SRM error.jpg


      Thank you!



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          ashilkrishnan Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          Hi Tibor,


          If SSH is enabled, you can try to login via putty using the same credentials and check if that works. If not, then try unlocking the account or change the password.

          This KB is for vSphere replication, however instructions remain same for SRM(photon appliances) as well --> VMware Knowledge Base


          Hope that helps


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            kisstib0r Lurker

            Hi Ashilkrishnan,


            thank you for your answare.


            root user can't lock, it is a new install and after deploy the problem is appears.

            I never try to login by root, I used VAMI page to login appliance only.


            Restart of the appliance solve the problem, I'm able to login again by VAMI w. admin user, but it is work just a short time.