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    Bridge Networking causing issues for Host computer on network

    mh1978 Lurker

      I have used Fusion to run a couple of VMs in bridged network mode for some time. I have always been able to access the host Mac from other devices and use it as a jump box with team viewer. Recently this has stopped working on several devices that I use in this way. As soon as I shut down the VMs, the host is once again able to connect to other devices (firewall for example) on the network. What am I missing here? It seems pretty straight forward. My laptop still has the host IP and MAC in its ARP table so it knows it is there but it just won't respond.


      All of the VMs are operating on VLAN 10 and it is that VLAN that I need to use to talk to the host. The host sits on a trunk port and other VLANs operate normally, just its VLAN 10 interface is "hogged" by the VMs.