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    NSX-T 3.0 - Federation and Transport Zones

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      Hello folks,


      I am trying to go over a simple NSX-T Stretched Networking configuration i have the next:


      • One VLAN with a dedicated RTEP Pool for each region.
      • Already configured NSX-T Locations.
      • Edge VMs used for TEP and RTEP communication.
      • Edge VMs have 3 interfaces (Same on both regions)
        • vNIC1: Management portgroup (VLAN Tagged)
        • vNIC2: Overlay portgroup (VLAN Tagged)
        • vNIC3: VLAN Based (Trunk)


      I can see that when you configure the RTEP for the first time it asks you to select the Host Switch and then to specify a VLAN, IP Pool, etc. From these requirements and knowing the limitations of NSX-T related to Transport Zones i cannot add a new Overlay Transport Zone and connect the RTEP there so i have the next doubts:


      • How the RTEP communication is going to flow from the vNIC2 if it is connected to a VLAN tagged portgroup. Here i also thought about reconfiguring the Uplink Profile and specify the VLAN for Overlay so i can connect the interface to the Trunk Port but i guess it is going to be the as the RTEP will go into the same vNIC which is already tagged with Overlay VLAN.
      • From the point above it makes me think. Does the RTEP configuration needs to go connected to an Overlay Transport Zone or it can be connected to a VLAN Transport Zone.


      From those queries i think i can keep working on the configuration as i am getting confused on those topics.


      Thanks in advance!

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          So after creating a new Uplink Profile, specifying the VLAN for Overlay and connecting the vNIC2 to a VDS Trunk Portgroup the RTEP connectivity started to flow and i can see that the Edges can reach the remote endpoints.


          However i am still confused about the Transport Zone requirement because i can see that as part of the configuration it automatically created a new Transport Zone called (system-owned-rtep..) I do not know if it is okay for the RTEP to share the same N-VDS as the Overlay Transport Zone or the VLAN Transport Zone.

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            So after trying multiple configurations finally at made it work using the RTEP configuration in the VLAN Transport Zone which i assume is the correct place where to configure as when you configure for the first time it ask you to specify the VLAN and in my case i was tagging a different VLAN in the Uplink Profile where the Overlay Transport zone was configured.


            However i could not find any place in the NSX-T documentation where it talks about the requirements for the transport zone to use for the RTEPs which it was quite frustrating at least for me.