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    Understanding VM performance and hardware

    Alqua Lurker



      I am running a vm through vmware player in a multi-seat set-up and so far it is running flawlessly.


      However, I was wondering if I could still improve the performance and what hardware would matter. My hardware configuration now is Ryzen 3900x, Radeon 5700xt, 16gb corsair lpx ram, samsung evo plus 1tb ssd. Vm is set to 6core, 3gb gpu ram, 7gb memory.


      For example, would adding another (small) gpu only for the vm improve its graphic performance? As mentionned here: Make VMWare Workstation use my Nvidia card?


      Does the speed and the amount of ram matter? For example, would a memory kit with tight timing change anything? Would 64 or 128 gb memory improve the overall experience and how much is too much?


      Would a second ssd change anything? For example, vm files and documents based on a slightly slower ssd improve (or eventually make worst) vm performances? I have read here that ssd performance goes slightly down while in vm (which is fine): Performance of NVME SSD Disk with VMware Workstation 12 Pro  Here, it is mentionned 60%. Is it a cap or is it a percentage. A slower ssd with host performance of "Seq Read, 10 GB in VM: 1446 MB/s Seq Write, 10 GB in VM: 778 MB/s"  would perform slower or the same?


      Does vmware workstation (paid product) changes anything in vm performance?


      Thank you very much for your answers.

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          Moderator: Thread moved to the Workstation Player area.


          Note that Player is only free for non-commercial use, so there is also a paid license for Player - which you may already need depending on your use case.


          There is also the more feature-rich Pro version (which I think is what you probably meant when you talked about the “paid product”) - I don’t believe there are any differences between them in relation to your specific questions though.

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            Alqua Lurker

            Obviously, it is a non-commercial use.


            My last question was is there a difference in performance between workstation player (free to use) and workstation pro (which is not free even for non-commercial use). The main difference for me would be to be able to use 2 vm at the same time then.


            Do you have any idea about my other questions related to hardware?