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    vCenter  HA fails due to postgres not starting on passive node

    lucarobusto_arpitel Lurker

      Hi all.


      Mi vCenter HA (that worked fine until 3 days ago) is not working anymore and I get the error:



      If I SSH to passive node, I get the following:


      cat /var/log/vmware/vcha/vcha.log





      service-control --status


      it seems there is an SSL issue.

      I was using custom SSL certificates, but during troubleshooting, I could reset all the certificate from the certificate-manager (option 4), and setup again vCenter HA with self signed and VMCA certificates, but the same issue occurs.


      Anyone has any ideas, of faced the same issue in the past?


      I can attach more logs, if needed.


      Thanks anyway for the support.