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    Error message after update to VCSA 7.0: Service vAPI Endpoint

    Udo68 Lurker

      Hello vmware community,


      after updating to VCSA 7.0 i have gotten an error message in the service vAPI Endpoint.


      Here it is:




      I've found this solution, but only for 6.x:


      Connect to the vCenter Server Appliance with an SSH session and root credentials.


      shell.set --enabled true

      Type shell and press Enter.


      cd /etc/vmware-content-library/config/

      cp ts-config.properties ts-config.properties.orig

      cp ts-config.properties.rpmnew ts-config.properties.rpmnew.orig

      mv ts-config.properties.rpmnew ts-config.properties

      service-control --stop vmware-content-library;service-control --start vmware-content-library

      service-control --stop vmware-vapi-endpoint

      service-control --start vmware-vapi-endpoint


      If this solution is right...


      Has anyone tested it with Version 7.0?