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    VMWare Tools not installing on CentOS 7 Minimal VM, using Workstation Player 15

    eoharakx Lurker



      I have a CentOS 7 vm running in Workstation Player 15. I am trying to install VMWare Tools, as I believe I need this to set up Shared Folders. There does not appear to be a simple installation process. I try to install VMWare Tools from the application, but see the option unavailable like in vmwaretools1.png attached


      open-vm-tools is installed on my machine.


      I attempted the following steps:


      mkdir /mnt/cdrom


      mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom


      But when I check the contents of /mnt/cdrom/, the expected VMWare Tools tar.gz file is not there, see vmwaretools2.png attached


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.