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    Screen size and resolution question

    BigDtheITGuy Lurker

      Hello all, I have a VMware workstation 15 player instance, I have both a W10 and a CentOS VMs present.


      Both VMs have a similar issue.

      Full screen does not work properly and I cannot enlarge past 1920x1080

      My monitor is 2560x1440, if I hit fullscreen I get letterbox style black bars around the entire image, and if you move a window out, it disappears, like moving it off the side of the monitor.

      I have tried with and without hardware acceleration, told it to auto detect, tried to manually set the resolution as well.  The VM has 16gb of base ram assigned and 6 processors, and 3gb for video, base system resources are 32gb, 20 cores, and 11gb for video respectively, so there isn't a lack of said resources available.


      Any thoughts or suggestions?