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    Application Configurations not pushed for internal hosted app to Work Managed Device

    whitneyj Lurker

      Hello, we have an important client running into an issue where the application configurations are not getting pushed to the internally hosted application that we provided them. We are still trying to gather the information from their end but here is what I could gather in my own testing.


      I deployed an internal app to Android using both methods described here

      • Google Play private app added and deployed as a public app to a Work Profile device. In this case the Application Configurations were pushed successfully
      • Hosted the application .apk as a local file and deployed as an internal app to a Work Managed Device (enrolled using Android Legacy). In this case the Application Configurations were NOT pushed successfully


      Does pushing Application Configurations require the device to be enrolled using a Work Profile? Looking at the AppConfig dochttps://www.appconfig.org/android/it does not say this is a requirement whereas the Android Enterprise doc does call out work profile as they describe pushing restrictions. So it seems like either Android requires the device to be enrolled with Work Profile to push restrictions or that this is a limitation of Workspace ONE UEM.