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    UDP Packets dropping from host to VM

    mattygio77 Lurker

      My setup:


      Workstation Pro 15.5



      CPUs: 16 cores, 32 threads

      RAM: 128 GB

      OS: Cent OS 7.6.1810

      5 NICs - 2x40 Gbps, 2x10Gbps, 1x10Gbps



      CPUs: 16 threads

      RAM: 64 GB

      OS: Red Hat Enterprise 7.8

      2 VNICs - 2x10 Gbps


      I'm trying to transfer UDP packets from Host to VM using iperf command at 850 Mbps bandwidth. In the attached screen shots. I am dropping about 2-3% of my packets. I have MTU=9000 in all the ifcfg files for all the VNICs and NICs.


      What configurations do I need to change to stop packet loss between Host and VM?