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    vCenter 7.0.0d high CPU load, disk full -> rsyslog

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      I am running a testlab at home with 2 supermicro servers and a vCenter on it.

      After i upgraded from vCenter 7.0.0c to vCenter 7.0.0d I noticed high CPU load and full /storage/core partition on vCenter server. First I increased the partition step by step to 50 GB, but the partition get filled up in just a few minutes. I had no issues with version 7.0.0c. I found out the service rsyslogd is using the CPU that much. I have configured syslog in vCenter Appliance UI since I have installed vCenter 7.0.0, no issues until now. After I disabled syslog, the issue is not showing up anymore. So I think I should start looking there.


      Can anyone guide me a little bit, or has already a solution for that issue?

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