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    vSphere-VMotionDisabled-KB for vSAN witness

    1337Thomas Novice



      we receive an alert in Skyline

      • vSphere-VMotionDisabled-KB#2054994


      objects affected: our vsan witness hosts. Is there any way to exclude them, since there is no option to configure anything about these appliances.


      thanks in advance

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          AjayChananaVMware Expert
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          Hello 1337Thomas


          Welcome to Skyline Communities!


          You have the option to mute an ESXi host, find the host using the inventory tree on the left-side of the Findings tab.


          Once you have located the ESXi host you want to Mute, hover your mouse pointer over the ESXi host name.


          An eye icon will appear next to the ESXi host name. Click on the eye icon to mute the ESXi host.


          The ESXi host that was just muted will no-longer appear in the affected objects list of findings that apply to that host.