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    Webcam sometimes avalaible, sometimes not.

    BertJan51 Lurker

      I am using Windows 10 in VMware Player 15.5.6 build-16341506 on a Linux Min 20 host. The main reason for the Win10 VM is Office 365 and especially Teams. For my work I have to use Teams a lot and the Linux version for Teams is not up to scratch (no screen sharing, among other things).

      The webcam I use is a Logitech C930e. Works fine with Linux Mint 20, and worked fine under Windows, when I had Windows installed on this same PC. However, on the virtual machine the webcam sometimes is available, sometimes it is not.


      The VMware taskbar tells me the camera is connected:


      And in Windows the USB key in the tray gives me the option to remove the webcam:


      usb devices.png

      Nevertheless, the device is sometimes found with no problems by Teams or other apps in Windows, but sometimes no webcam is found by any application. In these situations the webcam is also not present in device manager.  In some instances, I start out using the webcam in Teams with no issues, but half an hour later, during the same VM session, the webcam is suddenly no longer available.


      These are my VMware settings

      settings 2.png


      I am new to VMware Player so maybe I am overlooking something or maybe I need to add extra info. Please let me know.