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    Can I use SRM array-based replication between different hardware vendors?

    mhatcb Lurker

      Hi All


      I am in the process of considering migration strategies for a client between a vBlock SAN and a Cisco Hyperflex cluster. There are a number of options available, one of which is to use SRM which is currently licensed and used by the client between vBlocks.


      I have read through some documentation but cant find anything explicit that confirms or otherwise whether array based replication can be used rather than vSphere based replication. The RPO threshold on the latter seems to be 15 minutes (compared to 5 mins when just using vSphere replication directly apparently) which is pretty high in the cirumstances.


      The storage is VMFS on the vBlock and will be NFS on the HX. While I would normally say this isnt possible, I did see one graphic which said it was so just wanted to gain some clarity from others before proceeding.


      Thanks in advance.