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    VCP - DCV Certification Requirements ( Class attending )

    ikn320 Lurker

      Hello ,


      As i understand i need to attend any class of VMware Install,Configure so on..


      Thing is that my country is not listed in VMware education classes , there is only 1 place that has this class and they are official partners with vmware.


      I wonder if i take that course from them , how will vmware ( my account ) know that i took the course? will i be given by any code ? ( They told me they will give me certificate that i passed that course ) But to whom whoul i show that certificate so i can fully take and be certified after passing VCP exam ? How does that work on my account? If anyone had that kind of situation please let me know , because i clearly understand taking course from web site is okay but there are different time zones and so on .. so i prefer do it localy.


      Thank you.