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    Horizon API Create Desktop

    Daithi_N Novice

      Hi All,


      Has anyone use the Create_Deskop within the Class "VMware.Hv.Desktop"


      Looking at the Documentation, if you want to create a new Desktop within an Automated pool, How do you pass in the pool Name into the Spec, I don't see anything within the Documentation:





      $spec = New-Object VMware.Hv.DesktopSpec



      $Services1 = New-Object VMware.Hv.Desktop



      For Manual Pools, I can use

      add-hvdesktop -poolname POOLNAME -machines MachineName


      But for most cases, I don't have the ability to pass in a Machine Name, and wondering would the Create_Desktop do for Automated pools, and let the Horizon Server generate the Naming.