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    Dynamic Environment Manager 2006 (10.0) has been released

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      We're happy to announce that Dynamic Environment Manager 2006 (10.0) has been released, with the following new features:

      • New version number scheme
        Aligning with the switch in version numbering across the Horizon suite, DEM has adopted the YYMM version number (and, yes, I know it's August... )
        Mainly for docs and marketing collateral; old-school 10.0 versioning lives on as well.
      • Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
        We now offer a Standard Edition for Horizon Standard and Advanced customers, with the full Personalization feature set, and a subset of User Environment functionality: Drive Mappings, Folder Redirection, Logon & Logoff Tasks, and Printer Mappings.

        The full-featured product is now known as the Enterprise Edition.
      • Elevated Tasks
        Elevated tasks are an extension of the existing privilege elevation functionality, and make it much easier to elevate launches during logon (without requiring shortcut-in-the-Startup-folder workarounds.)
      • ADMX-based Computer Settings
        ADMX-based Settings meets Computer Environment.


      The new release adds support for Windows 10 Version 2004 (May 2020 Update), and the Windows 10 support matrix has been updated accordingly.