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    Blast on physical PC - Using 3D GPU

    MrBeatnik Hot Shot

      Blast apparently can use GPU when connecting to a VM that has GPU configured (we don't have this setup).

      But what about a physical PC? I'm testing Blast connection to a dedicated PC that has been added to a pool.


      It seems that high-end applications (CAD for example) complain that no 3D GPU is detected when using Blast to connect to a physical PC.

      Using the physical PC normally (i.e. sitting in front of it), there is no complaint from the software. It's just when using Blast.


      Is it possible to use the GPU on a physical device when using Blast?

      I'm testing on a standard on-board graphics card and with a really beefy industry standard graphics card - neither work correctly.




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          vBritinUSA Hot Shot

          From this techzone I would say yes you should be able too.


          OpenGL and NVIDIA GPU-acceleration

          Where the physical PCs have NVIDIA GeForce GPU cards and are being used with OpenGL applications, NVIDIA have created a tool to accelerate Windows remote desktop use of these applications.

          See https://developer.nvidia.com/designworks for more detail and to download the tool. This should be installed on the physical PC.



          This solution considers the customers’ existing Active Directory, DHCP, File Server, user profile management and any other associated infrastructure is already in-place to server the physical PCs.

          Horizon 7 requires a Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure for user authentication and management. Supported Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain functional levels are:

          • Windows Server 2016
          • Windows Server 2012 R2
          • Windows Server 2012
          • Windows Server 2008 R2
          • Windows Server 2008

          The WAN connection is a critical dependency on the usability of this solution.  Adding thousands of instances of remote desktop protocols to a WAN link will require a large amount of bandwidth.


          Looks like there maybe a tool to download.

          Using Horizon 7 to Access Physical Windows Machines | VMware

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            MrBeatnik Hot Shot

            The tool works for us.

            Only problem is it needs to be manually installed as there is no silent option!


            Thanks for the info.