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    FlexEngine (-OfflineImport) Parameter

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      Are most people using the "Run FlexEngine as Group Policy client-side extension" GPO setting instead of running FlexEngine as a Logon script?


      Is it necessary to use the (-OfflineImport) parameter in the Logoff script section? They reference the SyncTool in the screenshot above, but I'm not clear on whether (-OfflineImport) should be run regardless to ensure that cached credentials never cause issues with the client-side extension section of the GPO.

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          Shreyskar Expert
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          In most of the scenarios 'Run flexengine as GP client side extension' is preferred over running it as 'logon script'.By running FlexEngine as Group Policy Extension, settings that User Environment Manager manages are applied earlier during the logon phase rather than when running FlexEngine from a logon script.It also works better while handling windows Multilanguage User Interface.

          However in special scenarios, you can run DEM as a logon script.


          -OfflineImport parameter is OPTIONAL parameter when you run DEM through logon script instead of 'group policy client side extension'. This parameter is required only if your computers goes offline.