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    NSX Security Tags

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      This code was posted elsewhere on VMTN, which is exactly what was required.


      Get-VM | Get-NsxSecurityTagAssignment | select-object VirtualMachine, (@{Name="SecurityTag"; expression = {$_.securitytag.name}})


      Is there anyway of formatting the output, as the output of this command lists the VM multiple times.


      If possible I'd like the VM name and then one column per security tag.


      VM1, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3


      rather than






      If possible I'd also like vcenter and NSX Security tags in the same report.

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          As an alternative, if you have vRNI you can search all vm: vmware vm then export to CSV


          Under the selected properties, add Name, Tag, Security Tags so you will have VM Name, vSphere Tags & Custom Attributes, and Security Tags in one row

          Here's the sample of an exported CSV

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