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    vRops "Continuous Availability" mode

    AllVirtual1 Lurker

      Any help in troubleshooting the following would be much appreciated.


      I have two DCs managed by two different vCenters


      I have vRops 8.1 installed with

      One Master node - Cluster01 - vCenter01

      Witness Node - Cluster02 - vCenter01

      One Data Node - ClusterX - vCenter02

      I understand that this meets the minimum requirement for "Continuous Availability" mode.


      However when I enabled CA, it came back with a failure as in the attached image. The message was to "Take Cluster offline to enable CA"

      I did that and also restarted all the nodes and then tried again but now the failure is immediate and the message is

      "Operation failed, if the error persists, contact VMware Support"


      Is my node distribution across the two vCenters correct?


      How do I troubleshoot this ?

      What log files do I look at ?


      I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, but not getting anywhere.