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    High CPU after vCenter update 7.0b -> 7.0c

    Raudi Hot Shot



      i just noticed, that the CPU load from around 30% jumps to around 70%. And this for the complete time since i installed the update.


      Even after a reboot i have the same problem.


      I found two hints:


      The vAPI Endpoint shows a warning:


      Failed to connect to 1da6ff8a-0bfd-4605-b4cc-c18ba520e95b\com.vmware.vcenter.nsxd.vapi vAPI provider.


      And when using "top" on the vCenter CLI i have one process with high CPU:


        PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES  %CPU  %MEM     TIME+ S COMMAND

      22892 root      20   0  753.5m  85.6m  98.7   0.5  30:11.56 S /usr/lib/vmware-wcp/wcpsvc --port 8920 --logfile /var/log/vmware/wcp/wcpsvc.log --configfile /etc/vmware/wcp/wcpsvc.yaml --audit-+


      When i'm searching google for that service i found "Workload Management" this is for "Kubernetis", this i havn't licensed and i havn't NSX-D installed.


      I stopped the serivce  "Workload Control Plane" and the CPU load goes down.


      Has somebody seen this behavior too?


      Looks like a bug to me...


      Kind regards


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