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    vCenter service in the Windows server is down- vCenter version 6.7

    rajkumar49 Novice

      vCenter service in the Windows server is down - in our POC environment.


      our vCenter admin account "administrator@vSphere.local" got locked.

      we have tried to reset the password using the below link:


      VMware Knowledge Base


      it didn't work, so we restarted the windows VM once.


      the services are not coming up after that



      Error message in vSphere web client landing page:

      503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [class Vmacore::Http::NamedPipeServiceSpec:0x00000055c01b6c40] _serverNamespace = / action = Allow _pipeName =\\.\pipe\vmware-vpxd-webserver-pipe)


      Error message while Restarting the services using command line tool:

      Service-control failed. Error: Failed to start services in profile ALL. RC=1, st
        derr=Failed to start vapi-endpoint, sca, vpxd-svcs services. Error: Operation ti
        med out