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    SRM Re-protection

    Masi45673 Novice

      We have 40 VMs on our protected site, we are planning to fail-over all of them to DR site in a planned maintenance window. The question is we'd like to re-protect them and fail back to our PR site. Anyone has any idea how long SRM will take to re protect all VMs?



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          ashilkrishnan Hot Shot
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          If you are using SRM with storage replication, it depends on how much time storage array might take time to change the direction of replication.

          If you are using SRM with vSphere replication, it depends on checksum tasks while pointing back to existing disks at PR site.


          In either of these scenarios, we can't really estimate the time it might take. It all depends on a lot of factors and may vary from environment to environment. For ex: Data changes, network, no.of VMs, datastore's,etc.  Rest assured, running VMs are not affected when you run re-protect.

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            Masi45673 Novice

            It makes sense, if our environment is powerful enough and not being bogged down due to performance issues.


            Thank You!!