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    VMware Horizon multiple deplyments one vCenter... possible? supported?

    ZbyszekS Novice



      we are in planning phase of deploying Horizon in our infrastructure. We have decided to go with Add-On licenses as we already have VMware ESXi environment based on Ent.+ licenses.

      Issue which we have is that we have multiple domains with no trust in between. We are now thinking how to deploy horizon without the need of putting trusts in place.

      The idea which we have is to have 2 separated deployments of Horizon like:

           - 1xConnection server Domain A

           - 1xJMP server Domain A

      and than another one in Domain B

           - 1xConnection server Domain B

           - 1xJMP server Domain B

      both deployments pointing to the same vCenter. I have looked for similar post and found that it can be unsupported when using composer but what if I will not use composer but JMP?


      Is there another solution? Just keep in mind that setting up second vCenter is not an option.....