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    Asking about product descriptions

    Eiccomm Lurker

      Hello All,


      Can you support me to get detailed description with documents for the below products:


      AVA-STD-ADVN100-UG-C-L1,          AVA-STD-ADVN100-UG-C-L2,     AVA-STD-ADVN100-UG-C-L3,       AVA-STD-ENTC100-UG-C-L12,          AVA-STD-ENTC100-UG-C-L2

      AVA-STD-ENTC100-UG-C-L3,          AVA-STD-ENTC10-UG-C-L1,        AVA-STD-ENTC10-UG-C-L2,        AVA-STD-ENTC10-UG-C-L3,            AVA-STD-ENTN10-UG-C-L1,

      AVA-STDN-100-C-L1,               AVA-STDN-100-C-L2,                           AVA-STDN-100-C-L3,                       AVA-STDN-10-C-L1,                     AVA-STDN-10-C-L2



      Appreiciate your support with detailed descriptions and documents