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    Network pings failed at Client0 VM - "Client0: All pings failed at"

    krishnadc Novice



      I'm trying to provision the workload VMs using VMMark3 in a seperate cluster (other than the PrimeClient and Client0 VMs) and it looks the provisioning was successful.


      I've observed that the IP addresses are assigned from a default internal network (192.168.1.x).


      These internal IPs are not reachable from my PrimeClient (which is on a different network, PrimeClient is  on 10.111.0.x):


      Following is the error message from the provisioning logs: (Attached


      2020-07-28T13:16:03.569 [pool-3-thread-20] ERROR COMM : Client0 : All pings failed at : Try increasing ProvisionPingMaxTries in VMmark3.properties

      2020-07-28T13:16:03.570 [pool-3-thread-20] ERROR ST221 : Terminating Early Due to Provision Thread Errors (2)

      2020-07-28T13:16:03.576 [pool-3-thread-20] ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: Terminating Early Due to Provision ThreadErrorsErrorsFound: 2 : exitSetting true


      Any help is highly appreciated.