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    Deploying Browser to specific sites

    rmsdip3 Lurker

      I can deploy Firefox, Chrome, but I want to deploy a shortcut to a particular site without having to create bookmarks in browsers.. I want to deploy a clickable link to a particular site. Can this be done? Thanks

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          surajr04 Enthusiast
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          you can try the following.


          End user may have to initially authenticate to one specific site and once authenticated, they can see the entitled pools and applications. They can create Shortcut to Desktop.


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            Shreyskar Expert
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            Did you mean to push browser URL shortcuts to respective user's desktop?

            If so, There are various methods through which this can be achieved as below:


            1) If you are already running VMware DEM in the environment, you can simply push the shortcut from 'files and folders' and put the respective shortcut under 'Desktop' folder.

            2) Alternatively If you don't have DEM,you can achieve it using below AD GPO:


            • User Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Select “Shortcuts”

            • Right-click in the empty space and select “New” and “Shortcut”

            • For “Action” select “Replace”

            • In the “Name” Field put an appropriate display name for the Web Application shortcut

            • For “Target type” select “File System Object”

            • For “Location” select “Desktop”

            • In the “Target Path” text box put C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

            • In the “Arguments” text box put the URL that you need to open with  google Chrome

            • If you want a dedicated Icon for the shortcut, in the “Icon file path” type the file path of the icon or use the browse button to navigate to the location of the icon (make sure the users have rights to that folder/icon)

            • Click on the Common tab and check “remove this item when it is no longer needed"> OK

            • Apply the GPO and test.

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              rmsdip3 Lurker

              I was able to get this working. Thanks for all the answers!


              I copied a link I had already built to launch firefox to go to a specific site, modified and copied to public desktop. I then configured the app to launch this desktop icon and it loaded as desired.