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    Cannot install VMware tools on Vista x64 SP2

    j4m32 Lurker

      I am trying to install VMware tools on my Vista x64 SP2 Guest but I have been having some issues. Firstly, it turns out that the tools included with fusion 11.5.5 do not support vista anymore. I then proceded to download 11.0.6 and that worked, however whenever I try to install it it errors out and says it failed to start vgauthservice. I looked up this issue and the only stuff I could find suggested that I instal visual c++ 2008 x86 and x64. I restarted after installing both and that did not fix it. I then tried using /c on the setup program to clear out everything, restarted and that did not fix it either. I then went to download 10.3.5 and same issue. My Vista guest has the latest updates installed.