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    Error in Provisioning Validation step - "Exception Caught : Provisiong Validation Failed"

    krishnadc Novice

      Hi Team,


      I've started the provisioning process with VMMark and started seeing the following error in the provisioning log file:


      2020-07-28T06:13:32.956 [main] ERROR MAIN : Provisioning Validation FAILED

      2020-07-28T06:13:32.963 [main] ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: Provisioning Validation FAILEDReview Log For Details : exitSetting true


      Used the following command to start the provisioning process:

      java -jar tools/VMmark3Service.jar -c VMmark3.properties


      By mistake, I've deleted the "Client 0" VM from the Test ESXi host. I was wondering if it is causing the issue? If it is, I need help in re-creating Client 0 VM.

      Currently, we're blocked here.


      Attaching the archive file of the provisioning-output to this message.


      Any help here is highly appreciated.


      Thank you,