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    Dynamic Environment Manager and unsupported files...

    JustGreg Lurker

      In the past, ever recompose has caused the loss of a ODBC connection with a small number of Excel users. Now we're implementing DEM. I ran the application profiler for ODBC Data Sources, and it captured the registry keys well enough, but it reported C:\Windows\ODBC.INI was unsupported by the flex config file, as well as PIP\srvsvc and PIPE\wksvc.


      I did a bit a searching, and I found absolutely no discussion or tips or anything about how to handle these unsupported files.


      In this particular case, I can see the proper ODBC.INI is already save to the golden image. No a problem. But my company has a few software packages that decided to go against to flow and not save their data in C:\ProgramData or in %User%\AppData, but instead chooses its path to C:\U2. How do I preserve that?

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          Hi JustGreg,


          DEM is really meant to manage settings inside the user profile, but we do support other locations as well. We don't consider it a best practice as it's not part of the user profile, and therefore don't promote it (no docs, not present in the Section menu or intellisense, etc), but the DEM agent supports the "hidden" folder tokens <ProgramData> and <C-Drive>.


          Referencing <C-Drive>\U2 in your personalization config file should do the trick, as long as you make sure that users have modify permissions to that folder.