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    Windows Apps and App Volumes... HOW!?

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      I am setting up our new Horizon Enterprise environment.  Instant Clones, App Volumes, and DEM are the main attractions.


      I have a golden image that I am happy with and Windows Apps like Calculator, Camera, and Photos work great on our Instant Clones.

      That is until I attach an App Volume.  Once an app volume is attached all of the Windows Apps break and give an error stating the following: '[APPLICATION] can’t open because it cannot be found. The storage device might be missing or disconnected.


      Please for the love of god can someone point me in the right direction on this? Do we need to create an allowance somewhere so when the C: is virtualized it captures those as well? I'm at a loss and so far I love app volumes.. but this is a PITA and we need it resolved.

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          There shouldn't be anything special you need to do for this. If the apps (Windows apps or anything else you install in the base image) are on the IC base image, they should work when AppStacks/Packages are attached, unless the Package specifically includes programs that overwrite what's on the base image.


          Which version of App Volumes are you running?


          How are you creating your App Volumes packaging machine?


          • A common practice is to use a clone of your IC base image with the Horizon agent removed as your packaging machine. This helps to ensure there is no configuration drift between the packaging machine and the VMs that will attach the Packages.
          • Be sure to take a snapshot of the VM before you ever use the VM for packaging, and be sure to revert to snapshot between each use.