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    Microsoft Teams and DirectFlex

    DeliriumTremens Lurker

      I am struggling to get DirectFlex to fire off a PowerShell script whenever users launch Microsoft Teams.


      I have enabled DirectFlex for the Teams config file, and set the executables to:

      • %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Teams\Current\Teams.exe
      • %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe


      I have a Pre-Import Task

      • powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "\\path\to\script.ps1"
      • Run task: Before profile archive import
      • I DO NOT have 'Run Once' selected


      I also added a bit to Import/Export to see if that would execute when the application is launched.


      I can see the config being loaded to the DirectFlex cache:

      • 2020-07-23 10:44:40.409 [INFO ] Config file '\\uem\config\general\Microsoft Office 2016\Teams.INI' added to DirectFlex cache


      The DirectFlex rule runs once -- the first time Teams is launched. Subsequent launches do not run the import or UEM tasks.


      I'm running out of ideas as I've tried about every combination of settings I can think of to get DirectFlex to run every time Teams is launched.  Any advice on where to look would be greatly appreciated.