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    Restore Distributed Switch After its Upgrade

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      I would like to know the steps that are required to restore the distributed switch after its upgrade. I have upgraded switches in past with no failures. I remember if there use to by any issue with DVS upgrade upgrade, it will automatically revert the settings & version etc so there was no need to restore as such. However, I am still confused about the information provided on VMware website regarding failure.


      1) As per the information, we can use import configuration page to restore the switch with failed upgrade. However, import is just to create new switch so does it mean that it creates new switch from

           the saved configuration file and add all hosts(That were connected to switch before upgrade) with port groups and VMs connected to those port groups.

      2) I believe we cannot use restore configuration wizard to restore failed DVS upgrade ?

      3) What happens to VMs connected to failed DVS switch ? Is there a network outage to those VMs ?

      4) Do we need to manually delete the failed DVS switch ?

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          • I have ran the DVS switch upgrades and have never scene any failures
          • The only we need to keep in mind is that host are in compatible and also you wont be able to add old ESXi version to the new DVS.
          • Restore configuration can be done for a back up plane but i don't think that is recommended anywhere as it will revert back to old version if there was any issue .
          • Brief network outage can be expected , but that mostly occurs if hare using NSX and additional features such as private and isolate vlan .

          VMware Knowledge Base


          I would suggest take the backup of the configuration and do the upgrade in maintenance window .