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    Bluetooth phone disconnecting when using Vmware client

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      Author : jacquiew

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-Client-for-Windows/5.4/horizon-client-windows-user/GUID-37CDF8C8-A29D-4089-99F3-179B0BB1B406.html

      Topic Name : Troubleshooting Horizon Client

      Publication Name : VMware Horizon Client for Windows User Guide

      Product/Version : VMware Horizon Client for Windows/5.4

      Question :

      I use my PC(windows 10) to handle calls from my mobile. My Phone is connected to PC via Bluetooth.   The issue is that my PC disconnects my phone's Bluetooth the moment I start using vmware client(VDI).  However, other bluetooth devices such as headsets dont disconnect.  Please help!