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    Problem moving from Player 14.1.5 to 15.5.6    Extra information available and partial solution.

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      I have Linux host and a Windows 10 guest. The Windows 10 guest has its hard drive encrypted with McAfee Drive Encryption. When the guest boots it displays a McAfee sign in screen at which the user enters their credentials, only after this is complete does Windows start to boot.


      This all works correctly with Player 14.1.5. However, after I installed Player 15.5.6 I have a problem. The guest still starts and displays the McAfee sign in screen. The mouse works in the guest, i.e. I can postion the text cursor in the sign in box but the keyboard does not work so I cannot enter the credentials to start the guest. I would be grateful for any advice as to why the mouse works but the keyboard does not.


      Thank you





      I found the following article :   Connecting a second mouse or keyboard directly to a hosted virtual machine (1033435)


      I followed its steps and by connecting a second keyboard and giving the VM exclusive use of it, I can sign in to the McAfee login screen and start the Windows guest. Once the guest has started I can use the original keyboard as normal. This is both good and bad!


      Good that I now have use of the guest again but bad in that I need a second keyboard always connected to the Linux host, just so that I can login!


      As I said, this was not an issue in VMPlayer 14.1.5 but has become an issue in 15.5.6. Given the extra information above, can anyone suggest a method of making this work with only one keyboard? It does not affect the mouse at all.





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