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    UAG or Horizon Connection Server with secureID, which to use?

    RealQuiet Novice

      I have a single Connection Server (Horizon 7.10.2) that internal users use tunneled access to reach their VDIs. The configuration is simple right now but needs to be changed to allow additional users from a different network segment to enter the environment. This will require 2 factor authentication, RSA secureID, to be integrated for those new users.


      If I attach a UAG to my Connection Server, can I have two resolvable addresses? One for users that need to two factor (to the UAG) in and one for users that do not need to (straight to the Connection Server)?


      Or do I need to bring in another Connection Server, perhaps as a replica? I have never had to stand one up, I am not sure of the limitations.


      I just wanted to bounce this off the community before I get to deep into planning.