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    Failed RAID set replaced and now can't see newly rebuilt RAID set

    Thibault Hot Shot

      We have an ESXi server which had 2 local RAID-5 disk sets created and presented as two Datastores to this ESXi server. One of these RAID sets had an issue that caused 3 drives to fail causing the RAID set to fail and go offline. Our hardware vendor came in and deleted the old failed RAID set and then replaced the failed drives and re-created a new RAID set. We did this all online with no outage. There are VM's running the other datastore so we are hoping not to reboot. Having said all of that the new Raid set was created but when I rescan for new storage nothing returns. The old failed datastore still shows up in the inventory of datastores but is grayed out and says it is inactive. Any thoughts as to why this newly recreated RAID set is not appearing? Do we have to unmount the original datastore and/or delete the original datastore to allow the new datastore to be access? Trying to do this without scheduling a reboot which is a big pain in my environment. thx