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    What is the proper way to create a stable Outlook profile for floating desktops using DEM 9.11?

    DublChen Novice

      Hello Community,


      As you can see from my title, I am struggling with getting the Outlook profile to stay put when using a floating desktop pool.  Right now I have DEM set to redirect the OST file to an AppVolumes writable volume.  First boot goes great.  When I log back into a fresh desktop after a recompose, it starts everything all over again.  The Outlook first time set up.  The Office first time set up.  Everything.  Not even my desktop profile and customizations are being set or saved using DEM. I am a beginner with using DEM (AppVolumes too), so any advice would be very much appreciated.  I've followed a couple of guides I found on the interwebs and still can't get it to perform as intended.


      Horizon 7.12

      AppVolumes 4

      DEM 9.11




      Dubl aka Keith