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    vCenter 6 NFR license features

    mgnyinaing Lurker

      Hi all,


      There is one thing I want to know related to vCenter 6 with an NFR license. I'm trying to configure single sign-on with Windows Active Directory on that vCenter but I can't find that option beneath administration tabs. Is vCenter NFR license support single sign-on or not?




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          Hi mgnyinaing,


          No-cost VMware product licenses (NFR) is used for lab testing, in-house demo, and training and educational. Eligible partners also receive one year of subscription services with the NFR software.

          Since all Vmware Products with a Tier eligibility of Professional, Enterprise* and Premier* services are included, you must be able to see the basic options in the vcenter.

          Make sure you are logged in to the vcenter with the SSO admin account.



          Sudeshna Sarkar

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